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That Baby Needs A Car Seat Ma’am

18 Apr

After a delightful day as a waitress, where people treated me with nothing but kindness and respect, I clocked out and headed towards my Jeep. I’m asked to park a quarter-mile or so from work to provide enough parking space for the generous people who come eat lunch at the little restaurant that I work in. I walk past a pawn shop and a dollar store on the way to my ride, and today I saw something I hadn’t seen in a while. A woman pulled into the parking lot of the dollar store right in front of me, and the passenger had a tiny baby in her lap. The passenger handed the baby off to the driver and hopped out to go dollar shoppin’.

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Studded Phone Case And The 3%

28 Mar


I grew tired of the green eyes that would replace my brown ones. Every time I would see one of those studded phone cases I was in love, but not enough to shell out the cash. You see dearies, I am very frugal. I like to save my money for bigger and better things instead of spending it on the trivial things. As a waitress you understand more than most that pennies really do add up to dollars. I prefer to make the things that I covet, and in doing so I am able to exercise my artistic expression as well as set myself apart from the norm. I used the last of my studs, and a feather that broke off an earring.

I will be shopping for more studs asap. If anyone has a favorite site to order studs from please feel free to let me know.

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Diy Fingerless Gloves

28 Feb

My last table of the day Wednesday was a guy and a girl, about my age, that appeared to be on one of their first few dates. He was southern and well-mannered. She was beautiful and mysterious looking. Long dark-blonde wavy hair, little to no makeup and a throaty voice. We chatted about local beers and other bars around the city. When they left I found her gloves in the seat. I scanned the parking lot but they were gone. I put her gloves aside so she could reclaim them one day, but not before I admired the shabby finger-less cut she had given them. They were cute, with a little brown button on each one.

So I ripped them off. I started with my white gloves that I always wear.


I cut an inch off of each one of the fingers, then I used a lighter to burn the edges. It keeps them from fraying and I think it looks edgier than it would if I just hemmed them.

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Vintage Apron Revamped

25 Feb

My craft partner in crime Kate gave me this sick vintage apron.


It was literally coming apart at the seams. It had no pockets, and it was at least eight inches too long for me. Did I mention that the straps on top were held on with safety pins? The apron itself was amazing though, and the extra material would be enough to make pockets!

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Mini Skirt Apron

23 Feb

I whipped up this little cutie yesterday.


My inspiration came from the warmer weather and thoughts of wearing an apron over shorts. It always looks like I don’t have on shorts because the apron is longer. So why not make it cute?

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Diy Apron

13 Feb

It’s Wednesday, halfway there! I took next Monday off to go see the Old 97’s on their anniversary tour. So that means three-day weekend! I am ready for a night out of town! I’ll only be traveling a couple of hours but it quells my travel  urges until I can get a little further. Yesterday evening I made a new apron for work, it was way over due. Luckily I work at a place that allows me the freedom to wear whatever I want. It’s very laid back, and most of the other employees wear regular aprons that tie around the waist. I was tired of getting  food on my clothes though, and I hated wearing clothes that I didn’t care getting food on. I feel how I dress, and vice versa. It’s very influential to my mood. My solution is a full coverage apron. The first one I bought as a plain white apron, then dyed and crafted it. This one I made from scratch. I started with a trouser leg.


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Waitress Budget

7 Feb


Hi there! As most of you know, I make my money from waiting tables. I’m an artist at heart, but I like to eat, so does my dog. So I adapted. When I first started waiting tables ( a bazillion years ago) I would just spend my cash, almost directly after each shift. It’s so easy to feel like you have money when you are making cash everyday. It’s totally different from getting a paycheck that you have to make last a week or two. Ten days before my bills were due I would start picking up extra shifts and putting away all my cash for bills. I was always broke, stressed and cranky. Going to work feeling like you really need the money (right now!) is a perfect way to make you hate your job.

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So Goes The Winter

28 Dec


Happy Friday everyone! Its cold! It’s 35 degrees here in Nashville with a high of 45 today. I’ll miss the warmest part of the day because I will be working, and by the time I head back to my car it will probably be lower than 35. So goes the winter. This little guy in the picture above came to visit my garden last summer. It just makes me feel warmer to think about summer, the garden, t-shirts … ahh the little things.

It’s almost time for work, but I wanted to tell you about the great day that I had yesterday. I am a waitress and we were busy and understaffed. As a relatively good waitress that is the kinda day you like, more tables, more tips. So about a year and a half ago I wrote an article on which is now The article is about how to increase your tips as a server, I have been doing this a little while and I feel like I make pretty good money, so I just thought that I would leave you with a link to that. Have a great Friday everyone! Leave me a comment!

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