Mini Skirt Apron

23 Feb

I whipped up this little cutie yesterday.


My inspiration came from the warmer weather and thoughts of wearing an apron over shorts. It always looks like I don’t have on shorts because the apron is longer. So why not make it cute?


I used some extra material that I had, it was actually the bottom of a dress that was too long, I had cut it and put it away last year. I made my little pockets, using the iron to make the edges straight.


I had some extra material lying around that is kind of waterproof. I’m not sure what kind of material it is but it seemed perfect to line the pockets with. Mainly to keep pens from rubbing their ink all over the place, but also to make them a little stiffer.

I lined up and sewed on my little pockets.


Then I used a little ribbon to pull through the large hem that I made at the top of the apron.



Now it just needs to get above 70° so I can start wearing shorts to work!


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