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How To Hide Your Router and Modem

31 Jan

This is an ugly picture that I’m about to show you.


I know, it’s awful. I have been looking at this mess for over two years. Why haven’t I covered it up by now? I have no idea. The important thing is that it’s time.

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Learn To Play An Instrument!

29 Jan

I taught myself how to play the guitar when I was thirteen years old. I bought it from a pawn shop with the money I made from my first job, organizing wall paper at a discount decorators shop. I bought a book that came with a cd, and I taught myself to read music. I was barely playing house of  the rising sun when I realized that I hated the guitar. I sold it a few years later, got more than I paid for it and used the money for booze.

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Broken Mirror Art

28 Jan

Hi there artsy fartsy types! I wanted to use the broken mirror that I removed from the frame (to make my earring holder) yesterday.


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A Clean House In 20 Minutes A Day

28 Jan

Hi friends! I have big hopes for this week! Among many other things, I have been working on a way to keep my house clean in 20 minutes a day or less. I live alone, so technically it should be rather easy, but I feel like I really live in my house. I always have a kitchen table full of art supplies. I have a very nicely organized craft closet, but I almost always feel like I’m in the middle of something.


Also I love to cook, but I do not have a dishwasher. It’s much harder than you dishwasher owners know to actually wash your dishes. Maybe it’s just me. Continue reading

DIY Earring Holder

27 Jan

Today I felt like making a new place to hang my earrings. Right now I have a cork board with thumbtacks in it holding all of my earrings and necklaces, not very fancy.
I have three mirrors that hang over my dresser/vanity area and one of them is cracked. So I took out the mirror and painted a little something to go in its place.


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DIY Dress Form Using Duct Tape Part 2

27 Jan

Hi fellow seamstresses! Part 2 is about stuffing and mounting your dress form. It’s been a week since I made the form itself, and I was eager to finish it up.


I have spent about $5 on my dress form so far, and that was only on tape. I needed something to mount it on though. Raquel had a lamp in her closest that had been left by an old roommate and she offered it to me for free! (Thanks Raquel!)

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My Old Belt

24 Jan

Hi ya’ll! I want to share my old belt makeover with you today.


This is (was) my old leather belt. I got it from someone’s grandmother with a bunch of other leather belts a few years back. They take up very little space when rolled up so I kept them. I have tried to wear them several times, but with the exception of one halloween costume they never worked.

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How To Thread A Bobbin

23 Jan


Hello there fellow amateur seamstresses! I know a lot of people who struggle with this part of their sewing machine and while I was working on another project I got the idea to share this. I included how to load a bobbin with thread, if you don’t need that part just skip ahead. I hope this helps!

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How To Make A Hot Toddy

22 Jan


It’s 28° here in Nashville TN and for us that’s fuckin’ cold! So here I sit with my hot toddy, sipping my way to warmth. I was introduced to hot toddies a few years ago by a very cold friend from the upper mid west. Now I pass on the wisdom to you.



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DIY Dress Form Using Duct Tape Part 1

21 Jan


Hello fellow frugal seamstresses and duct tape enthusiasts!

Yesterday my lady friends came over for a scrumptious brunch of french toast, strawberries and nitrate free bacon.


After plenty of mimosas and whiskey coffee  I put on my dress form t-shirt (Thanks Dad!) and got ready.


I had googled many images of duct tape dress forms and my expectations were not very high. The boobs especially always seemed to look a little strange. So I expressed my concerns to the girls and we got started. Continue reading

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