So Goes The Winter

28 Dec


Happy Friday everyone! Its cold! It’s 35 degrees here in Nashville with a high of 45 today. I’ll miss the warmest part of the day because I will be working, and by the time I head back to my car it will probably be lower than 35. So goes the winter. This little guy in the picture above came to visit my garden last summer. It just makes me feel warmer to think about summer, the garden, t-shirts … ahh the little things.

It’s almost time for work, but I wanted to tell you about the great day that I had yesterday. I am a waitress and we were busy and understaffed. As a relatively good waitress that is the kinda day you like, more tables, more tips. So about a year and a half ago I wrote an article on which is now The article is about how to increase your tips as a server, I have been doing this a little while and I feel like I make pretty good money, so I just thought that I would leave you with a link to that. Have a great Friday everyone! Leave me a comment!


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