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The Roots Are Amazing

9 Oct

Miley Cyrus is definitely not my first (or second, or third) choice to listen to, but I love The Roots and Jimmy Fallon. Watch them all do an amazing a capella version of We Can’t Stop.

The Detroit Cobras Lost Me

19 Apr

I went to see The Detroit Cobras last night for the first time. I first heard of the the band yesterday and after watching a few videos on YouTube I wanted to go see the show. I went to the bar across the street from the venue for a couple of drinks and some dinner. While sipping my whiskey I overheard a guy a couple bar stools down talking about how the second band had come in from a show in Knoxville and had been delayed with a flat tire. At least I knew the show would be late.

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Inadvertent Fleetwood Mac Obsession

15 Apr

I have just stumbled into a rather strange Fleetwood Mac obsession. It’s been coming for a week, probably more. It’s hard to explain. I never really got into Fleetwood Mac. Everyone knows the songs that come on the radio, whether you know it’s Fleetwood Mac or not, if someone played you a greatest hits compilation you would recognize quite a few songs.


My first inclining toward the band came from a chapter in the book Kill Your Idols that I read a few years ago. The author (Jim Walsh) writes an entire chapter about sneaking a deer rifle, piece by piece, into the Target Center in Minneapolis with the premeditated thoughts of killing Fleetwood Mac. It’s cryptic, and he credits his trigger finger to video games.

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I Am Not Sick

26 Mar


Whiskey, lemons, honey, and Echinacea tea. Nasal spray, aleve, tea tree oil and a nice warm hat. Chicken soup, popsicles, and sleeping on the couch while watching Bob’s Burgers. If you haven’t guessed by now I spent yesterday evening like a sick little baby.

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Crayon Art And Starving Artists

11 Feb

Hi there y’all! I feel like I have had quite a productive day. After work I wrote in my book for a few hours (yes, I am writing (another) book!), I made some art and I played my drums for a while. Sometimes I understand why artists starve. I love my job, but it sure puts a kink in my artistic flow. If I get going in the morning I always have to stop to go to work. I have been late (by minutes) to work more than once because I was trying to stop writing, painting etc.

The thought of being able to follow my mind all day scares and intrigues me. It makes me wonder what I could really get done if I took the time. I spent a while alone once, and it was the most productive time of my life. What’s a girl to do?

This is what I made this evening.


I started decorating my drum room and it began to inspire me.

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Learn To Play An Instrument!

29 Jan

I taught myself how to play the guitar when I was thirteen years old. I bought it from a pawn shop with the money I made from my first job, organizing wall paper at a discount decorators shop. I bought a book that came with a cd, and I taught myself to read music. I was barely playing house of  the rising sun when I realized that I hated the guitar. I sold it a few years later, got more than I paid for it and used the money for booze.

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How To Make A Hot Toddy

22 Jan


It’s 28° here in Nashville TN and for us that’s fuckin’ cold! So here I sit with my hot toddy, sipping my way to warmth. I was introduced to hot toddies a few years ago by a very cold friend from the upper mid west. Now I pass on the wisdom to you.



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Sunday In The Bible Belt

6 Jan

It’s Sunday dearies, in the bible belt. I accidentally underestimated my whiskey consumption and I ran out. Sunday in the bible belt means the liquor store is closed.

Photo 445

I know, right? So I have been forced to scavenge bits of booze from around my house.

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Fun With Crayons

5 Jan

I can’t seem to decide on a post schedule, so right now it’s a little erratic. I promise to do better! Craft-brunch with Kate went swimmingly.


We drank more whiskey than probably either of us intended to, and we hashed out some fabulous ideas. Get ready because I have vowed 27 to be my most productive year to date (

So I wanted to share my photo frame redo with you today. I got this frame for free from my parents.


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Should I Walk/Bike To Work?

3 Jan

Photo 439

Helloooooo readers! What a f’n day! Yesterday morning I went out to start my automobile to transport myself to the ol’ job. When it failed to start, I remembered that I’d left one of the doors ajar the night before, and obviously forgot to go back and shut it. Thanks whiskey!


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