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Ants In The Dog Food Bowl

3 May

It’s only when you are doing something totally absurd, that you think is totally normal, you remember exactly who you are.


Today I came home from work to find ants in the dog food bowl. No good. I mean, good because that means it’s finally warmed up after what seemed like an eternal winter. Bad because I don’t want my little dog friend eating ants! So as I was filling up the pan with water, I thought about how crazy I may look to an observer.

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Dogs And Rawhides

6 Mar


We’ve been friends for years, I raised him from a pup. We’ve moved together, been through breakups together, usually we vacation together. I feed him, he loves me. I pet him, he loves me. My nieces know and love him like the part of the family that he is. I can’t imagine my life without this guy, he is literally my reason for getting out of bed.

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