Studded Phone Case And The 3%

28 Mar


I grew tired of the green eyes that would replace my brown ones. Every time I would see one of those studded phone cases I was in love, but not enough to shell out the cash. You see dearies, I am very frugal. I like to save my money for bigger and better things instead of spending it on the trivial things. As a waitress you understand more than most that pennies really do add up to dollars. I prefer to make the things that I covet, and in doing so I am able to exercise my artistic expression as well as set myself apart from the norm. I used the last of my studs, and a feather that broke off an earring.

I will be shopping for more studs asap. If anyone has a favorite site to order studs from please feel free to let me know.

A little bonus story I would like to share today is about a woman who tipped me $2.25 on her $66.75 tab. I’m a pretty good waitress and I rarely get bad tips, so this came as quite a surprise to me. I assumed that she needed it more than I did. So before I left for the day I dropped it off at her table and politely patted it and said ‘here ya go’. I meant no harm, only assumed she would be better off with it than me. Even though she was 3 deep in $9 pinot. Rant over.

Otherwise my day was fantastic! I’m off to the grocery for steaks to grill for my fella’s birthday, then taking him to a little speakeasy for a fancy drink or two. So happy that it’s warm, hope your all having good weather and good food!


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