DIY Vanity Makeover

16 May

IMAG1928Anyone remember that old mirror that I turned into an earring holder? It was ok, but I really wasn’t crazy about it. I had three of these mirrors in the little vanity area of my bedroom and I craved something new. I mixed a little paint together to match one of the colors in my bed spread and I painted all three mirrors this nice maroon-like color. I had this whatnot that I picked up at the goodwill a few months ago and I decided to paint it too!


The paint came out nicely and inspired by my bed spread I decided to trace the outlines of the decorative trim with gold fabric paint. The pointy edge on the bottle made it easy to do, even though some of it looks pretty intricate. I used this old gold trim from the craft closet to put a little flair on my new shelf.


Here’s a picture of the old cat shelf for humor purposes.


Everything was going great, but when I hung everything up I still wasn’t satisfied.


So I decided to make a new jewelry holder. I gathered some neat sticks from the brush pile in the backyard and I got to work.


You see, for years most of my jewelry has hung on a plain cork board using thumbtacks. I had hopes of making it pretty, but I just grew tired of it. I painted the sticks then I bound them together with some leather I had lying around. I put the bound sticks in a glass, like a vase, then I filled the glass with plaster. I have spent next to nothing on my vanity re-do. The only thing I really bought was the shelf for $3, I had all the other supplies in my house.

I printed my favorite chapter from my favorite book on card stock and framed the two pages (very short chapter) with two of the used-to-be mirrors.



Revenge of the Lawn by Richard Brautigan.

Here’s what my little vanity area looks like now.


New, cute and basically free! See the jewelry holder sticks? Everything is accessible and off of the dresser. I need to paint the dresser, I’m thinking dark brown with gold trim. Maybe gold with dark brown trim…


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