Diy Apron

13 Feb

It’s Wednesday, halfway there! I took next Monday off to go see the Old 97’s on their anniversary tour. So that means three-day weekend! I am ready for a night out of town! I’ll only be traveling a couple of hours but it quells my travel  urges until I can get a little further. Yesterday evening I made a new apron for work, it was way over due. Luckily I work at a place that allows me the freedom to wear whatever I want. It’s very laid back, and most of the other employees wear regular aprons that tie around the waist. I was tired of getting  food on my clothes though, and I hated wearing clothes that I didn’t care getting food on. I feel how I dress, and vice versa. It’s very influential to my mood. My solution is a full coverage apron. The first one I bought as a plain white apron, then dyed and crafted it. This one I made from scratch. I started with a trouser leg.


Sometimes friends save fabric for me when they think it’s something that I might like. Color, pattern, texture or just the thought is always fun.

One of the most important sewing lessons that I learned from my mom is to use the iron!!


Iron out the wrinkles before you do anything else. Sidebar, can I please tell you that I got this old iron on November 1, 2009. I remember because it was the day after the Halloween that I dressed as Amy Winehouse. It was the day I offered to help my grandpa with his yard sale. I was bar-tending and I got off work after 3 am, home around 4 am. Grandpa asked me to be there at 5am. I fell asleep and woke up at 6am, then ran out of my house. I worked the whole yard sale dressed as Amy Winehouse, and very hung over. And afterwards grandpa told me I could have anything I wanted for free as my “payment”. I needed an iron.

 I used my old apron to trace a rough outline onto one of the pants legs after I opened up the seam. I used the skinny side of the leg for the top and the thigh part for the bottom. Upside down, ya know?


I cut out the hard seam that is usually on the outside of the pants and I kept the flat inside seam. I was skeptical about the size but it seemed to work out just fine. I folded the material in half after I cut it out to make sure that it was even (it wasn’t), so I trimmed it a bit.

I used my iron again to make the hemlines around the sides of the apron,instead of needles. Another amazing trick I learned from mom!


I kept the big hem (that was the bottom of the pant leg) for the top of the apron.

After it was all ironed I started thinking about pockets and trim. I gad kept this animal print shirt that my step-mother gave me  because I knew the material would come in handy one day. I just couldn’t pull off the shirt in its entirety.


I only like animal print in small doses, on myself at least. So I used this blue fabric that I got from some old one piece jumpsuit thing that my dad gave me. I cut out two pockets.


I needed two pockets, one for my pens and one for my little pad of paper. Oh the life of a waitress. I cut the buttons off of the animal print shirt, then I cut out the pieces that had the interfacing in them, I got lucky with that. I like to use all the pieces from an item that I am using for the material and this one was perfect.


I carefully lined it up around the edges of each pocket (usually you use bias tape for this), using the hem that was already there as my hem around the front of the pocket. I learned that you can make your own bias tape from mom too!


I got out my trusty sewing machine.


Then I sewed it all together. I made a little piece to go around the neck and one to go around the back out of the blue material. I used the ruffles from the front of the animal print shirt to make a ruffle across the bottom of the apron.


I wore it to work this morning and everyone loved it!


I still have another pant leg, I have no idea what kind of apron I am going to make next! Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any questions or comments!


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