Vintage Apron Revamped

25 Feb

My craft partner in crime Kate gave me this sick vintage apron.


It was literally coming apart at the seams. It had no pockets, and it was at least eight inches too long for me. Did I mention that the straps on top were held on with safety pins? The apron itself was amazing though, and the extra material would be enough to make pockets!


I hemmed and repaired, darted and stitched. It really didn’t take that long. I made two little pockets to hold my waitress necessities, Bridgette really comes in handy for measuring where pockets should go. I used to put the clothing item on myself and then mark it in the appropriate space. Now Bridgette stands still for me. Bridgette is my duct tape dress form that I made a month or more ago.

I am so excited to wear this apron to work tomorrow, it looks like a little dress!


Happy Sewing!


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