That Baby Needs A Car Seat Ma’am

18 Apr

After a delightful day as a waitress, where people treated me with nothing but kindness and respect, I clocked out and headed towards my Jeep. I’m asked to park a quarter-mile or so from work to provide enough parking space for the generous people who come eat lunch at the little restaurant that I work in. I walk past a pawn shop and a dollar store on the way to my ride, and today I saw something I hadn’t seen in a while. A woman pulled into the parking lot of the dollar store right in front of me, and the passenger had a tiny baby in her lap. The passenger handed the baby off to the driver and hopped out to go dollar shoppin’.

I paused, I knew I couldn’t say anything to these people, but that’s pretty fucking stupid. That baby can’t even ask for a car seat, it’s just up to the parents to care enough to do it for him/her. I called my sister, the mother of 20 month old twin girls, and asked her if she would give the non-emergency number a call. She was appalled and confirmed my desire to call for help.

After waiting patiently for someone to answer, I told the operator what was happening. The man told me that nothing could be done because they were now parked. He asked me if I wanted to speak to an officer, I said sure. He asked me where I was and told me an officer would be out to talk to me eventually. I let him know that was not necessary and the passenger was now getting back in the black Buick Rendezvous. He again told me nothing could be done and he would send an officer to speak to me. I (again) told him that was not necessary and that they were driving away, baby in lap. I thanked him for his help and I hung up.

I drove home, frustrated.


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