With A Little Imagination

12 Apr

I had these two pieces that I wanted to keep and reuse. I tucked them away together in hopes of inspiration coming to me at some point. I have had a week pretty void of creative impulses. I tried to make a piece of art on Wednesday and I ended up throwing it away. So it goes.


Today I remembered these pieces.

I’d worn the shirt before, but I’m not a big fan of long sleeves, and I’ve never worn the skirt. I decided to take the sleeves off of the shirt and then cut 9 inches off of the skirt. I like to wear my skirts high-waisted and short.

I visualized it in my head and went to work.


I ripped seams and ironed hems. I measured and pinned. I found the perfect green thread and I loaded my bobbin.


I ended up with this.

Photo on 4-12-13 at 10.51 PM #3

A little dark I know, I took the picture myself with the photo booth. My fella has fallen ill and taken to the bed tonight, and my poor dog friend has no thumbs. Either way I love the new outfit and I’m so glad that it’s getting warm enough to wear it.


2 Responses to “With A Little Imagination”

  1. carolo86 April 16, 2013 at 8:34 am #

    Nice work!

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