Tulips And The Vapors

7 Apr


I feel like I’m a pretty good vegetable gardener, but I’m no good with the flowers. I have some bulbs that I planted in my front bed a couple of years ago that never blossomed. This spring there was a beautiful red tulip bud growing out of one of the little flowerless piles of green. I took extra care to check it each day to see if it had opened.

This Saturday it was finally warm and not raining, prompting me to get the gardens ready for spring. I cleaned up the front bed, blew the leaves out, picked out the dead pieces and cigarette butts. I adjusted the bird house that was leaning to the right, and then I steadied the concrete bird bath that was leaning to the left. I continued to garden in the backyard and clean off the patio, and when I was pooped I got cleaned up and went to the art crawl with my fella.

There are various art crawls around the city every month, and I love looking through the art galleries while I drink and snack on stinky cheese. I always come away feeling more inspired than not, side effect of the booze I suppose. The thing is, there hasn’t been enough booze lately. I would gladly pay for a drink at a bar set up at the art crawl, but instead a few galleries just have a free box of wine until it runs out. Everyone is always crowded around it, you feel weird about taking this starving artists free wine so you linger at their showing a little longer than you should. It’s awkward. This time I brought little plastic punch cups (just like the ones they had at the art crawl) and a 4-pack of little Cabernet Sauvingnon bottles in my purse, then we went downstairs (in The Arcade) and bought some sweet and salty treats from The Peanut Shop.

It was a fantastic Saturday, and then we got home. The bird bath had crashed over, harming only the red tulip bud that would be open any day now. Blast! My fella took the bird bath around the side of the house because I no longer wanted it anywhere around my flowers. Just looking at that damn bird bath was giving me the vapors honey! I plucked the bud, it had been damaged close to the ground keeping it from standing up. I placed it in a glass in the kitchen window and when I woke up this morning it had started opening.

We went canoeing this afternoon, and now I’m going to prepare seafood for dinner, while drinking this tiny bottle of wine, to compliment our water themed day. Monday’s a comin’!


4 Responses to “Tulips And The Vapors”

  1. bensbitterblog April 11, 2013 at 11:05 pm #

    I can’t save plants I’m given, which is why it amuses me that people give me plants.

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