Diy Tea Organizing

4 Mar

Hi there tea drinkers! If you are reading this I assume you have also longed for a little more organization in the tea area. I never longed for such a thing until I suddenly found myself with four boxes of tea. My kitchen is rather small and cupboard space hardly exists, so I really didn’t have anywhere to put them. They stayed on the counter underneath the little shelf that holds my coffee pot and supplies, no room for anything else up there.


The whole reason I put up the coffee shelf was to keep things off of the tiny counter. Now I was taking up precious counter space with tea. So I visualized a tea holder in my head. With clothespins to hold the bags, I assumed the little spring in the middle of a clothes pin was the perfect size for a wire coat hanger to fit through so I started hunting. I didn’t want more than one or two coat hangers because I would never use them to hang my clothes, and I am extremely frugal with my crafting. That being said I headed to the local laundromat because I thought that they had a container of free wire hangers, I was wrong. Luckily the laundromat is basically next to my day job, but I really try to stay away from there when I’m not working. I went anyway, because I’m frugal. The uniforms for the kitchen come in once a week or so on wire hangers so there was a whole stash of them in the dry storage closet, and they were the pretty metal ones! I bought a package of 100 clothespins at the dollar store for $1.75 and headed home.


My kitchen colors include reds, greens, blacks, yellows and oranges. Naturally I decided to paint the clothespins to match. I chose 24 pins and left them on the cardboard that they came attached to because they would be easier to paint without having to hold them. I spread out the ads from last Sunday’s newspaper (that I have really been meaning to read…) and got my paints out of the craft closet.


I have to confess, I confused the paint-water and the whiskey one too many times. I never actually drank paint water, but the cup did touch my lips.


I painted the clothespins front and back, I contemplated writing words on them but I liked the plain colors when I was through. Then I got out the wire hanger and my pliers, I am lucky to have such a variety of tools at my disposal. I straightened out the hanger and cut it about 2 feet long. Then I used the pliers to bend a little loop at the end of it to keep the clothespins from sliding off.


The clothespins’ springs fit perfectly on the wire hanger, but they were too close together so I got this wooden bead necklace out of my collection. Pretty yes, but I can’t remember the last time that I wore it, so I took it apart. The holes in the beads were big enough for the wire hanger to fit through and my idea really started coming together. I bent a hook into the top of the wire hanger, after I alternated the beads and direction of the clothespins. I got back in my toolbox and found this hanging bracket thing, then I used my drill and a screw to attach it to the kitchen doorway. I hung up, and admired my creation.


It’s perfect! Thanks for reading, questions or comments welcome!


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