Novice Phone Photographer

3 Mar

I am a novice phone photographer. We all are to an extent, obviously the extent would be those of you with real photography training, instruction and experience. I have taken pictures with my phone for years, but my real love is close-up photography of unexpected items. It all started with a piece of onion. As a waitress I see a lot of dropped little pieces of food. I was waiting in the window for my food one afternoon when I noticed a little piece of onion laying on the top shelf. It had fallen from something and was just laying there, waiting until it would be wiped into the trash. I couldn’t let it happen, I took my dumb phone out of my pocket and attempted to get a picture of the little piece of onion in all its glory. It was horrible, it looked as if I was losing my vision and I was able to capture what things look like to me with a camera. I wondered if I was hallucinating the beauty of this piece of onion.

One of my favorite coworkers (who scored a job in her dream field and left us, yay Stevie!) appeared beside me and asked what I was doing. I explained myself and she whipped out her iPhone, she took the most beautiful picture and sent it to me immediately. So I suppose my very first photography vision got photographed by someone else.

That was a while ago, I have a lot of creative outlets and I struggle to support constant growth in each one. I sometimes wish that I had one chosen passion that I could pour my entire self into.

This is my second close-up novice phone photographer photo.


It’s dry drips of hot glue coming out of my hot glue gun.

This is my third and most recent close-up photo.


This is the dry acrylic paint that I peeled off the top of the squeeze tube before I used it.

I intend to take more strange, novice, close-up pictures with my smart phone, so prepare yourselves. Thanks for reading!


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