Mirror Makeover

14 Jan

It’s time to share my goodwill mirror re-do folks. I bought this little beauty at my local GW for the low low price of $3.99. I could only imagine the potential that it had and where I would hang it in my house once it was finished. I started off by giving it at least six coats of yellow paint. I used my cheap $1 craft paint that I get at the grocery store. I was careful to paint with the grain of the wood and I let the paint dry thoroughly between coats.


After the paint was solid all around I gave it a final coat with a nicer yellow acrylic paint that I had lying around. I know that I could have painted it with a white base first but I wanted the layers of paint for the destruction that was to ensue.

I used nail polish remover and some cotton pads to rub the paint off in some areas and to reduce the shiny finish overall. Careful when using cotton pads to take off the paint, you can only rub in one direction otherwise you will get bits of cotton everywhere. Then I got out my little baby hammer.


And I used it to kind of beat the wood, I used the hammer forwards, backwards and the sideways. You could use whatever you wanted if you were doing this yourself, just be mindful of the mirror. I was 85% sure I was going to break the mirror on accident but I just went with it and it was alright.


Hopefully you are able to see the evolution of the mirror and this inspires you to beat your own piece of art work.


It just didn’t feel all the way done, so I put some of these fancy sparkly things from my craft closet on one side and called it a day.




I used my new drill and these easy anchors to hang up the mirror.


A pre-drilled hole is not necessary with these anchors that you can drill directly into the wall.

Question or comments? Let me know!

Thank ya for readin’.



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