Easy Pasta Sauce

15 Jan

Dinner is usually eaten pretty late around my house. I give credit to the late lunch that I usually eat and the late hours that I usually keep. This is one of my fast meals (30 minutes!), it’s a cheat pasta sauce but who’s keeping score?


Here’s your ingredient list.

1 jar of pasta sauce

1/2 onion

Small container of mushrooms

1 small green pepper

1 lb ground beef (or turkey)

Spices – garlic, parsley, oregano, salt, pepper etc.

1 box of pasta noodles (whatever kind you want)

Shredded parmesan cheese

Alright this is going to go quickly so pay attention! Brown all of your meat on medium in a large frying pan. You can use a large pot if your pan isn’t big enough. Add some spices to your meat and then start chopping your veggies. Add the chopped onion, pepper and mushrooms to the meat while it is browning.

Once the meat is brown enough pour your sauce over the top of it and mix it together in the pot/pan. I use very lean beef so it is not necessary to drain any liquid out of it before adding the sauce. If your meat has too much juice you can ladle it out into an old jar or can.

Now turn your sauce on simmer and use a lid if you want to. I prefer a thicker sauce so I leave the lid off and let some of the moisture evaporate. Boil your water for your noodles and cook those babies up. Drain your pasta and then toss it together with your sauce mixture.

Finito! Don’t forget to top yours with cheese!

This should yield about 4 servings.


Have a good day pasta lovers!


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