Should I Walk/Bike To Work?

3 Jan

Photo 439

Helloooooo readers! What a f’n day! Yesterday morning I went out to start my automobile to transport myself to the ol’ job. When it failed to start, I remembered that I’d left one of the doors ajar the night before, and obviously forgot to go back and shut it. Thanks whiskey!


So my fella came and jumped off my jeep, and I drove on down to work. At the end of my work day I ran into a friend who was going to follow me back to my place for a post-work adult beverage, but my car chose not to start. I suppose car batteries just stop working after about 5 years, so my friend gave me a lift home.


Later that night my fella and I went back to my automobile to replace the battery. He brought an extra one he had lying  around (perks of a mechanic fella) but it just didn’t fit. So we jumped the jeep again to get it home. It was later in the evening and stores were closed, so we decided to deal with it in the morning. He left me with a car battery to jump my car with this morning.


The plan was for me to drive my automobile to work and he would bring over a battery on his lunch break and replace it (I work across the street from him). Nice guy, I know. You don’t even have to tell me how lucky I am.

So, this morning my car wouldn’t start. The poor battery was so dead the doors wouldn’t even lock and I had to go to work. I am not the kind of girl who likes to unnecessarily bother anyone, so I walked a little over a mile to work. It was about 37° but it was surprisingly warm. There literally wasn’t a cloud in the sky, so I wore a light jacket and a hat and walked a little over a mile to work. It was really a gorgeous day and a nice walk, I should do it more often.

I am a waitress though, so I spent the next five hours on my feet. I drank a miller high life courtesy of my boss, and then walked home. It really wasn’t a bad walk on the way home either, I feel like I should do it more often, should I commit to walking to work once a week? I did get a sweet new bike for Christmas from my pops,


I just need a helmet and a safe route (the cars around here have proven to be less than friendly to bikers when there isn’t a bike lane), otherwise I would have ridden it today.

My day was a little different from normal, but I enjoy different. I had a lot of free time to think on the 20 minute walk to work, and the 20 minute walk home, it was actually refreshing. Embrace change friends, its one of the few things in life that’s certain. I’ll keep you updated on my quest to walk/bike to work. Please feel free to leave me a comment or email me at

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