When In Doubt Distress It

5 Jan

Hey there fellow Saturday enthusiasts! I wanted to get started earlier than I did this morning but the bed was just so comfortable.


Mr. Dog stayed in the bed like he usually does on Saturdays, then he lets me know when HE is ready to go outside.

I took a rather lucrative trip to the Goodwill yesterday evening and picked up these little tea candle holders.


Perfect for my shelf in the living room but they were kind of beat up. The only thing I know to do with something when it’s not repairable is to distress it even more and hope that it looks nice. I wanted to keep the gold color but the scratches made these things worth less than the dollar a piece I paid for them. For this project I used emery boards.


Sand paper would work also. I just went around and scratched it up a bit and the places that were already scratched just start to blend in.


Get the idea? After scratching all the surfaces I painted the inside with a slate colored paint. Only because the inside was really ugly and I was afraid you might be able to see the ugliness when a candle was lit inside it.


Less ugly for sure, but I forgot to take a picture of the before. It’s probably for the best.

So then I got out my old friend Modge Podge (it says for all surfaces) and I gave the whole thing a nice coating. Finito!


Now they look more distressed and less accidentally scratched up, I think. Either way I like them. Now go and do something strange of your own. I’m having Kate (from the  dress hem post) over for a brunch n’ craft, and to get a picture of her in that green dress! Have a good day all!


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