Dogs And Rawhides

6 Mar


We’ve been friends for years, I raised him from a pup. We’ve moved together, been through breakups together, usually we vacation together. I feed him, he loves me. I pet him, he loves me. My nieces know and love him like the part of the family that he is. I can’t imagine my life without this guy, he is literally my reason for getting out of bed.


He’s 8 years old, and even though he’s as hyper as ever and has gotten mistaken for half his age more than once, there are just a couple of telltale signs. When he was younger he would chew a rawhide bone until I saw blood and I had to take it away. As he got older I noticed that when he was with another dog’s half chewed rawhide, he preferred to chew that. He actually started this thing around 4 or 5 years old where he would get a new rawhide, then sleep on it for hours until he would eat it. I assumed he was building up his energy.


A few months ago a friend (Shaun, who recently lost his dog friend, rest in peace GsxR!! -GsxR pronounced Jixer) stopped by for a drink and a game or two of foosball. My dog friend, Stash-Dog, had a new rawhide and was snoozing with it as usual. Shaun commented that his dog, less than half Stash Dog’s age, would have devoured his bone by now. I explained how Stash-dog likes to save his energy, and Shaun told me that he would soak GsxR’s rawhide bone to start it for him. What a brilliant idea.


I soaked Stash-Dog’s bone in warm water for about ten minutes, then I peeled back the edge a little and gave it to him.

He was a puppy again! Now Stash-Dog devours his bone as fast as his 8-year-old mouth can chew. I love it! Questions and comments welcome!


2 Responses to “Dogs And Rawhides”

  1. Ned's Blog March 27, 2013 at 10:41 am #

    You’re a good friend to your dog, and I’m sure he knows it. Cheers to you both.

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