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Tulips And The Vapors

7 Apr


I feel like I’m a pretty good vegetable gardener, but I’m no good with the flowers. I have some bulbs that I planted in my front bed a couple of years ago that never blossomed. This spring there was a beautiful red tulip bud growing out of one of the little flowerless piles of green. I took extra care to check it each day to see if it had opened.

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Nothing In Reality

3 Apr



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Spider Skeletons, Mermaids And Horse Shit.

19 Mar


I got some vacation time! I went to Florida with my fella to visit my mom, nanny (above) and gich. I (mostly) ditched the electronics for the week and just tried to relax. I bought wine in a grocery store, on a Sunday. I hung out in the barn with my mom feeding horses, picking horse shit out of stalls and taking pictures of spider skeletons. The novice phone photographer returns!

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Illegal In Tennessee

11 Mar

Last night around 9pm as my fella and I talked over our whiskey drinks, he reminded me that we had to pick up a bottle before 11pm. That’s when the liquor store closes, and it won’t reopen until Monday at 8am. We got sidetracked and went out to meet friends for drinks. Around midnight he looked at me and asked if I knew what we had forgotten. Son of a …well, what were we going to do now. I had plans to go out and see my sister this afternoon and he had plans to ride his motorcycle that he’s been working on for almost a year. So we figured it wasn’t exactly a day that we would miss booze, but we would meet up for drinks and late night dinner at a local bar.

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Sprouted Seeds And Plant Sex

10 Mar


My first year as a gardener I watched my seeds so closely that I believe I actually saw them growing. I watched them unfold from the moist soil and push their way  through, striving to get to the sun. Four years later I still get up every morning like a kid on Christmas to see if they have sprouted yet. I got up this morning and went to the kitchen to find over half of my seeds had come to life!

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Spring Cleaning

9 Mar

Clean house clean mind, I am a firm believer in that statement. When I wake up to a messy house I feel defeated, and when I come home from work and see it I feel the same way. I won’t pretend that I’m the best housekeeper around but I’d like to think that my house isn’t generally as bad as I think it is either. A clean and organized house makes me feel less guilty about spending ridiculous amounts of time on my arts.

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