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Nashville And The Slip Dress

23 Apr

Even though I don’t like it (at all) I have been lightly watching the show Nashville. I live in Nashville (the city not the show) and I thought that I wanted to see how they were portraying our little city. I mainly just leave the show on while I am sewing or doing something that takes up part of my attention. I do not intend to watch past the first season, if there is one.

All that being said, I came home from work yesterday to find this notice on my mailbox.


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Tulips And The Vapors

7 Apr


I feel like I’m a pretty good vegetable gardener, but I’m no good with the flowers. I have some bulbs that I planted in my front bed a couple of years ago that never blossomed. This spring there was a beautiful red tulip bud growing out of one of the little flowerless piles of green. I took extra care to check it each day to see if it had opened.

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Wine In The Grocery Store

2 Mar

As you may or may not know, Tennessee has some peculiar liquor laws. It’s decided county-by-county whether or not to serve alcohol in restaurants. Some counties are completely dry, and some counties sell beer but don’t have liquor stores. As a seasoned drinker, waitress and a six-year resident, I know the alcohol laws in Nashville pretty well now.

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How To Make A Hot Toddy

22 Jan


It’s 28° here in Nashville TN and for us that’s fuckin’ cold! So here I sit with my hot toddy, sipping my way to warmth. I was introduced to hot toddies a few years ago by a very cold friend from the upper mid west. Now I pass on the wisdom to you.



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Nashville Skyline

13 Jan


Right before the bottom fell out this afternoon.

Photograph courtesy of Mr. Ben Proctor


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