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This Is Amazing!

16 May

This Easy Push Out Ice Cube Tray Will Be The Death Of Me

14 May


Easy push out ice-cube tray, with flexible rubber bottom. Sounds dreamy. Three little roundish ice cubes floating in my little whiskey glass makes for the perfect post waitressing cocktail. Continue reading


Candy Waster

4 Apr


I came out of work one day to find this ridiculous pile of loose candy in the middle of a parking spot. Gay marriage issues were making headlines that week and I felt like this was symbolic. I also wondered why they were there.

I Am Not Sick

26 Mar


Whiskey, lemons, honey, and Echinacea tea. Nasal spray, aleve, tea tree oil and a nice warm hat. Chicken soup, popsicles, and sleeping on the couch while watching Bob’s Burgers. If you haven’t guessed by now I spent yesterday evening like a sick little baby.

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Sprouted Seeds And Plant Sex

10 Mar


My first year as a gardener I watched my seeds so closely that I believe I actually saw them growing. I watched them unfold from the moist soil and push their way  through, striving to get to the sun. Four years later I still get up every morning like a kid on Christmas to see if they have sprouted yet. I got up this morning and went to the kitchen to find over half of my seeds had come to life!

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