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DIY Vanity Makeover

16 May

IMAG1928Anyone remember that old mirror that I turned into an earring holder? It was ok, but I really wasn’t crazy about it. I had three of these mirrors in the little vanity area of my bedroom and I craved something new. I mixed a little paint together to match one of the colors in my bed spread and I painted all three mirrors this nice maroon-like color. I had this whatnot that I picked up at the goodwill a few months ago and I decided to paint it too!

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DIY Earring Holder

27 Jan

Today I felt like making a new place to hang my earrings. Right now I have a cork board with thumbtacks in it holding all of my earrings and necklaces, not very fancy.
I have three mirrors that hang over my dresser/vanity area and one of them is cracked. So I took out the mirror and painted a little something to go in its place.


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