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DIY Dress Form Using Duct Tape Part 2

27 Jan

Hi fellow seamstresses! Part 2 is about stuffing and mounting your dress form. It’s been a week since I made the form itself, and I was eager to finish it up.


I have spent about $5 on my dress form so far, and that was only on tape. I needed something to mount it on though. Raquel had a lamp in her closest that had been left by an old roommate and she offered it to me for free! (Thanks Raquel!)

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DIY Dress Form Using Duct Tape Part 1

21 Jan


Hello fellow frugal seamstresses and duct tape enthusiasts!

Yesterday my lady friends came over for a scrumptious brunch of french toast, strawberries and nitrate free bacon.


After plenty of mimosas and whiskey coffee  I put on my dress form t-shirt (Thanks Dad!) and got ready.


I had googled many images of duct tape dress forms and my expectations were not very high. The boobs especially always seemed to look a little strange. So I expressed my concerns to the girls and we got started. Continue reading

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