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Spring Cleaning

9 Mar

Clean house clean mind, I am a firm believer in that statement. When I wake up to a messy house I feel defeated, and when I come home from work and see it I feel the same way. I won’t pretend that I’m the best housekeeper around but I’d like to think that my house isn’t generally as bad as I think it is either. A clean and organized house makes me feel less guilty about spending ridiculous amounts of time on my arts.

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A Clean House In 20 Minutes A Day

28 Jan

Hi friends! I have big hopes for this week! Among many other things, I have been working on a way to keep my house clean in 20 minutes a day or less. I live alone, so technically it should be rather easy, but I feel like I really live in my house. I always have a kitchen table full of art supplies. I have a very nicely organized craft closet, but I almost always feel like I’m in the middle of something.


Also I love to cook, but I do not have a dishwasher. It’s much harder than you dishwasher owners know to actually wash your dishes. Maybe it’s just me. Continue reading

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