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Stuffed Cabbage Woes

18 Apr


I’ve been talking about stuffed cabbage for at least six months. It’s an old recipe of my mom’s and I just haven’t made it in years. No clue why, things just happen I suppose. So last night I go to the grocery store and get all the fixins’. I came home, cleaned out my fridge, like I do every time I go to the grocery store, washed my dishes and got started. I like to begin with a clean kitchen if possible.

I was happily prepping and taking pictures of everything when my fella arrived. Before I knew what had happened I had stuffed all the cabbage and put it in the pot. I absolutely forgot to take a picture of the stuffing process, that’s probably the most important part. Blame it on the booze, or the good conversation. I like to drink while I cook, and I really like to cook.

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