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How To Transfer Pictures From Droid Incredible To Mac Computer

2 Jan

Hello there all! This is a little thing I just learned how to do because I was tired of emailing any of the pictures I wanted to have on my computer, to myself. I know, I am a little late to the game, but at least I figured it out!


When you plug your phone into your mac it should give you a list of options, I was previously telling it to ‘charge only’ and then pressing ignore when it popped up on my computer screen because I didn’t know what else to do.

Well friend, instead of choosing charge only you should choose “disk drive” . This makes your phone act like a removable storage device. Once it has popped up on your screen, you can open up your finder and look for it under devices, untitled. Click on it, my phones pictures were under DCIM, if I click on that it has all the pics and video I have taken with my phone. Drag ‘DCIM’ to your desktop, after they are downloaded you can drag them anywhere else you want.

The pictures and video that you have uploaded from your phone should be under the download tab, probably under DCIM. Do the same thing, drag ‘Downloads’ and wait for it to download. Same thing with Instagram or anything else you want to save from your phone to your mac. Fuckin A.

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