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Spider Skeletons, Mermaids And Horse Shit.

19 Mar


I got some vacation time! I went to Florida with my fella to visit my mom, nanny (above) and gich. I (mostly) ditched the electronics for the week and just tried to relax. I bought wine in a grocery store, on a Sunday. I hung out in the barn with my mom feeding horses, picking horse shit out of stalls and taking pictures of spider skeletons. The novice phone photographer returns!

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Illegal In Tennessee

11 Mar

Last night around 9pm as my fella and I talked over our whiskey drinks, he reminded me that we had to pick up a bottle before 11pm. That’s when the liquor store closes, and it won’t reopen until Monday at 8am. We got sidetracked and went out to meet friends for drinks. Around midnight he looked at me and asked if I knew what we had forgotten. Son of a …well, what were we going to do now. I had plans to go out and see my sister this afternoon and he had plans to ride his motorcycle that he’s been working on for almost a year. So we figured it wasn’t exactly a day that we would miss booze, but we would meet up for drinks and late night dinner at a local bar.

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Novice Phone Photographer

3 Mar

I am a novice phone photographer. We all are to an extent, obviously the extent would be those of you with real photography training, instruction and experience. I have taken pictures with my phone for years, but my real love is close-up photography of unexpected items. It all started with a piece of onion. As a waitress I see a lot of dropped little pieces of food. I was waiting in the window for my food one afternoon when I noticed a little piece of onion laying on the top shelf. It had fallen from something and was just laying there, waiting until it would be wiped into the trash. I couldn’t let it happen, I took my dumb phone out of my pocket and attempted to get a picture of the little piece of onion in all its glory. It was horrible, it looked as if I was losing my vision and I was able to capture what things look like to me with a camera. I wondered if I was hallucinating the beauty of this piece of onion.

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