Lettuce, Fear and Growth

14 May


The Mesclun mix of lettuce really is growing! It’s doing so well that I planted more! It’s my dream to grow most of my food. I get so freaked out when I read the ingredients lists on packaged food or when I think about the chemicals that could be involved when growing produce on enormous farms. I try not to buy things that are not from the United States, but only because I only know that we regulate the amount of chemicals in our food and food from out of the country has different regulations. There was a time a few months ago when the citizens of the United States were instructed by the news/media not to buy orange juice from out of the country. Not because there were chemicals in it, but because the chemicals were higher than the amount that we legally allow into our food. It’s scary, really scary. I even worry about the safety of the food that I grow because I live in the city, with all the pollution and emissions and such.

The lettuce is growing. I know who planted it (me!), what it’s been sprayed with (nothing!), and it will go directly from my patio to my table. No packaging, no chemicals that help it keep the color and no added nutrients. Just real food that I watched grow.

There are many contradictions in my life, I smoke and I try to eat healthy. I drink and I worry about alcoholics. I am obviously not perfect, just a person that does things in an effort to be happy. I try (TRY) not to judge and I try (TRY) to be a good person.


2 Responses to “Lettuce, Fear and Growth”

  1. mithriluna May 14, 2013 at 9:59 pm #

    I am growing lettuce and spinach in my garden for the first time and I am so excited. Good for you for trying to grow organic!

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