Artists And Pincushions

1 May


If only I could be one of those people. Inspiration all around me, creative at the drop of a hat, always in a pleasant mood. Alas, I’m just a moody, fickle artist. I can’t really afford a life as a moody fickle artist since I haven’t really done anything to earn enough monetary security to seclude myself from the outside world and just drink and create. So I must work, as a waitress. It’s easier said than done, you must put on this face everyday and be fairly pleasant no matter how you really feel. Similar to being a stepford wife I assume.

I tend to romanticize the life of an artist, but I don’t know if it would be much different from my current everyday life. I would make my lists as usual, and depending on the day I would actually do the things on my list. There is no way that a person can feel creative and motivated all the time, is there? Maybe it’s just a decision, mind over matter and that type of thing. Can I really decide to be creative and motivated every single day no matter what? That’s heavy man.

I got inspired last year by Marisa at Not only does she rework clothes in the most creative ways I have ever seen, but she set out on a journey to actually create a new dress a day. That is the most ridiculous and amazing thing that I have ever heard of, and I can hardly comprehend the fact that she actually creates something every fucking day. She’s my reworking inspiration. One day I was bringing people carbonated beverages and cheeseburgers when I looked up and saw her on the big screen television above my table of customers who were trying to give me their orders (for more cheeseburgers and such).  I think it was Ricki Lake, the closed captioning was on and I was trying to catch as much as I could. I believe Marisa reworked a dress on the show, amazing.

Tonight was one of the more productive nights I have had in a few days. After work I did loads of domestic chores, including going to the grocery store and putting away all my clothes. I live in a wonderfully located little place and the only things I don’t have are a dishwasher and a washer and dryer. I make an exception for the location, the rent and the yard though. I finally threw away this pincushion bouquet that my fella brought me last month. I know that sounds gross, but sometimes I like to let the flowers dry out, if I decide I want to do anything with them. These dried out beautifully and when disposing of them I decided to toss one of them in a mason jar.


It makes a nice piece of art on the shelf above my bar table, it reminds me of my fella and it inspires me to find creativity in obscure places. So maybe I can’t create all day, but at this stage in the game I’m not really capable of it anyhow. Just keep trying I suppose!


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