A Short Dress And An Inspirational Snake

1 May

As I locked the dead bolt this morning before heading off to work, something in the flowerbed caught my eye. I looked over, and there he/she was. A snake, a ribbon snake says Google. Maybe 14 inches and he was looking right at me. I was looking right at him and I only broke our eye contact to get a picture of him and he used that opportunity to try to slither away. The porch and the concrete garden borders confused him as he bounced around for a few seconds and I was able to get a shot.


The little bastard climbed up the side of my house and behind the siding. I shuffled it around a bit and a snake skin fell out, I guess he lives there. Is he in my house? How fantastic would it be if I looked over and saw him slithering around the dog toys or climbing up the wall? So, snakes climb. I suppose I have seen it before but I just really thought about it.

I named him Micky Fleetwood.


Resemblance no?

After work I had a nice whiskey drink (or three) and finished hand-hemming this dress for Kate. Not so cute before, totally cute now.


It’s amazing what a little hemming can do. I feel like it took this dress from an 18-year-old wearing it to a 23-year-old wearing it. Prom to …whatever young women do that requires a short fancy dress. I suppose I took about the same amount off the length of the dress that Micky Fleetwood is long. Inspired by a snake?


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