The Detroit Cobras Lost Me

19 Apr

I went to see The Detroit Cobras last night for the first time. I first heard of the the band yesterday and after watching a few videos on YouTube I wanted to go see the show. I went to the bar across the street from the venue for a couple of drinks and some dinner. While sipping my whiskey I overheard a guy a couple bar stools down talking about how the second band had come in from a show in Knoxville and had been delayed with a flat tire. At least I knew the show would be late.

I wandered across the street to the venue around 11pm, that’s around when The Detroit Cobras should have started. My pal forgot her id but they let her in with underage stamps on her wrists. As soon as we walked in we realized there was no music playing, and from what we heard the other two bands had already played. Perfect, we could grab a drink and The Detroit Cobras would be getting up there pretty soon.

We waited, and waited. I bought my ‘underage’ pal a beer and we waited. We went outside for a smoke and came back in and they still weren’t playing. The crowd was starting to thin out and it was almost midnight. We finished our drinks and headed towards the door, curious if we could get our money back since the band didn’t play. The door guy gave us our cash and we left, ducking under the nearest ledge to get out of the rain.

One more smoke while waiting with the other smokers to find out if the band was going to come on or not. We heard that the entire band was there and the singer just hadn’t showed up yet. Someone said they heard she got in a cab 45 minutes ago. I got home around twenty after midnight, and from what I read that’s ten minutes before the lead singer showed up.

Rachel Nagy apparently couldn’t be bothered to show up to watch the opening acts, let alone for her own set. I read this morning that when she did show up she said,

“Sorry I’m late.”

into the microphone, and when the crowd showed their annoyance with her she said,

“What did you miss the birth of your first child or something?”

I haven’t found a review from the show yet, and I wonder if it would have been worth sticking around for. Either way they have lost a fan. I was barely interested in the music to begin with, and I feel like disrespecting her fans (as well as the other bands) is enough to make me dislike her craft.


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