Now It’s My Dress

3 Apr

I found this lovely polka dot dress at the Goodwill last week.


I paid $8 for it, all the dresses at my local Goodwill are at least that much. I complain a little, but it’s much less expensive than a large retail store. I am frugal yes, but the main reason that I continue to purchase my clothes second-hand is because I love individuality.

I tried to wear this dress last Saturday and it looked awful on me. It was that length that is way too long to be short, but too short to be long. I felt frumpy, none of my shoes looked good with it and it seemed a little plain. I changed into one of my trusty black skirts and put it in the back of my mind to float around.

Yesterday I bought $3 worth of gingham trim at the local Wal-mart, poured a drink and set to work.


I got inspired by some vintage collars that Kate showed me the other day and I used some of the gingham to finagle one for the dress. I used a dark blue permanent marker to color some cloth buttons that I had, I washed and dried them then I did something weird. I coated them in Sally Hansen Hard As Nails, to seal the color. So it wouldn’t rub on the white collar, strictly experimental. I cut the bottom tier off the dress and then sewed the gingham around the bottom. I came out with this.



Pretty sweet for an $11 dress.


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