DIY New Spring Skirt From Scraps

21 Mar

It’s may be 35° here in Nashville, but Spring has officially started! I was feeling a little bummed and looking at the weather forecast when I decided to make a new skirt, it’s got to get warm eventually. I had eyed this scrap material that Kate gave me for a while and I finally jumped on it. Kate has opened a vintage Etsy shop and you can visit her at Drunk Off Love.


I cut the material a few inches larger than I measured the biggest part of my hips. I used some old scrap material to make an interfacing-like tool and sewed it into the band of the skirt.


 I sewed up the seam and then sewed elastic into the inside of the skirt, attached to the “interfacing”.


That’s Bridgette modeling the skirt for me. Bridgette is my duct tape dress form that I made a couple of months ago.

I acquired this green sweater from my friend Raquel a couple of weeks ago. The sleeves were weird and puffy though, and a spring outfit doesn’t need no stinkin’ sleeves.


So I cut them off and then hemmed it up. My finished product looks like this.


Aaaaaand it was free! I used spare parts! Love it! Now go sew some shit together!


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