Surely Betty Ford Brushed Her Hair

20 Mar


Wake up and take the dog-friend for a walk while the coffee is brewing. Get ready, talk to my sister, take care of the plants, read the news and write. This is how I start most of my days.

My beauty routine is quite simple. I stopped using face make-up about 2 years ago because I just hate the way it makes my skin look, like I am trying to cover something up. The color is never right, it rubs off, and it irritates my sensitive skin. I use Clinique Redness Solutions Instant Relief Mineral Powder. The description is as follows.

“A unique mineral treatment that measurably reduces redness on contact. Under its care and cover, visible redness and broken capillaries virtually disappear—instantly and for hours. This patent-pending formula helps skin “keep its cool.” Oil-free, talc-free. With anti-bacterial brush. Appropriate for skins with mild-to-moderate Rosacea or reactive redness.”

It’s not even a color, it keeps my skin calm, and masks pesky breakouts without looking like a mask. I also use Clinique Quick Blush that comes in a fancy little brush container that hold the blush in the top of it.


I’m always sportin’ black eyeliner on the entire top, and part of the bottom of my eyes. A little dusting from the Urban Decay Naked palette, and mascara of course. The thing that takes the longest is probably the plucking. As a lady of italian descent, my eyebrows grow rather quickly. I know that I should get on board with the waxing but I prefer the one hair at a time method to eliminate mistakes. I dry my bangs and hit them with a straightener to smooth out the curl, then I let the rest of my hair air dry. There is one thing that I never do though, I never brush my hair. Have you tried to brush curly hair? It makes it frizz, breaks the ends and makes it puffy all over. Then you have to pull out some sort of product to return the curls to their original state. That’s way too much effort for me, so I stopped brushing my hair. Instead I saturate it with conditioner in the shower and I rake my fingers through to sort out any snarls. Then I rinse and twist it up in a towel that draws out excess moisture. I love the result, no product necessary to smooth the frizz out of the curls. I can’t remember the last time I had a haircut, and I can’t find one single split end. I do trim my own bangs once a week, because that italian hair grows fast, but aside from that it’s probably been the better part of a year.

Title: Betty Ford

Her hair was not wavy and it was not curly either. That hair of hers was somewhere between, often just there, hanging in existence from her head like some sort of weighed down vine. However when her hair was wet, and she had sex, the most amazingly manicured spiral ringlets seemed to occur. In spite of laying on it or having it gathered in one’s hand, and no matter the length of the hair, it was always the most fantastically coiffed after sex. It probably is safe to assume that she often arranged her social schedule around the behavior of her hair, which was very relevant to her sex life. It is also probable that often times sex existed for styling purposes only.

Author: Tiarose


Lord only knows what my head space was when I wrote that, I was in the middle of a year-long bender. Thanks for reading, and if your hair is curly stop brushing it! Let me know if you have any opinions on my brushless method or if you exercise it yourself!



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