Spring Cleaning

9 Mar

Clean house clean mind, I am a firm believer in that statement. When I wake up to a messy house I feel defeated, and when I come home from work and see it I feel the same way. I won’t pretend that I’m the best housekeeper around but I’d like to think that my house isn’t generally as bad as I think it is either. A clean and organized house makes me feel less guilty about spending ridiculous amounts of time on my arts.

So I spent the day cleaning and organizing. The biggest issue was the hall closet. It contains all of my tools, coats, holiday decorations, camping supplies, gardening supplies and some other odds and ends.


I purchased two cheap plastic shelves and put one in each side of the deep closet. I almost couldn’t fill all the space that I created, it’s amazing. I also organized my tool boxes.


And cleaned out my bedroom closet. I’ll be bringing the mess to my sisters to see if there is anything they want before I drop it off at the goodwill.


Yes, that’s a dog butt in the shoe photo. He will do anything he can to get in the shot.

I still have plenty of cleaning and organizing to do but I already feel productive, accomplished and more organized. I even came up with a few new ideas while I was happily sorting nuts and bolts, sometimes I just need a good non-creative project to clear my head.

Don’t forget to spring ahead tonight darlings. If you are a gardener this is the time to start preparing. I have two flats of seeds germinating in the kitchen window and I bought more today. This will be my 4th year as a city gardener and I am determined to continue making progress. It’s getting warmer! Have a lovely evening all!


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