Another Belt Makeover

28 Feb

This is my old belt.


Cute yes, but I think it’s a little pirate-like for me. The sparkly shirt behind it was my inspiration. I wear a lot of black and I wanted something to help break it up, like a big shiny bow!

I spent years avoiding the color black. I can’t really tell you the exact reason, I think it just made me feel weird. I very much feel how I dress and vice versa. After spending my entire twenties and more avoiding the color black, something changed. I love it now. It looks kind of classy, it layers nicely, it makes me look thin and it matches pretty much everything.

Back to the belt, I cut out a large rectangle from the shiny tube top. I was given this thing as a hand me down, friends like to give me things that they think I can use in my creations. Either way it was free! I was sure to cut out the elastic for saving, I like to save all the usable pieces from the clothes that I dismantle. I made my Halloween costume last year out of a $4 children’s costume from the Goodwill that I scrapped for parts, an old seatbelt, cardboard and some gold rope that was used to tie up drapes at my Dad’s. True story, I was a cigarette girl.


I hand sewed the rectangle inside-out, leaving enough room to pull it back through and make it right side out. I didn’t want to run the sequins through my machine, but it came out really well.


I removed the little leather straps from the front of the belt, but it was ugly underneath.


So I weaved one of the leather straps back through and trimmed off the edges. I used a little of the black elastic I had left over from the tube top to sew a little ring around the middle of the sparkly rectangle, making it look like a bow. Then I got out my hot glue gun.


Never underestimate the power of the hot glue gun. I put a few stitches in to hold the bow to the belt, but I used the hot glue to really reinforce it.


Then I added two little studs in the middle, because I am really digging these studs right now.


Perfect! Exactly how it looked in my head!


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