Stud Your Shit!

24 Feb

I recently came into a little pile of assorted studs.


Kate brought them over last Saturday for our craft brunch and I have been trying to decide what to do with them since. I put my old jean jacket on Bridgette so I could decide where the studs should go.


Bridgette is my duct tape dress form that I made a month or so ago at one of our craft brunches.

I got this Gap jacket from the lost and found where I work. Every six months or so I take all the things that have accumulated to the goodwill, and maybe skim myself a little something off the top.

I have never used studs before and I couldn’t find my needle nose pliers so I was a little apprehensive at first.


I poked the little pointy parts of the stud into the material where I wanted it to be. They should be poking through the inside like this. Then I used my pliers to push the little pointy pieces down.


I used my fingernail to push the pieces all the way down so they wouldn’t stab me while I was wearing the jacket.


Upon using my fingernail I realized that it was much easier than the pliers I was fumbling with. You could use anything really, a pen or a lighter or a thimble on your finger. All things I tried! My finished product looks like this.




I want to stud everything I own!!

Questions or comments? Just want to say hi? Please do!


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