DIY Picture Frame

6 Feb


Hi there decorators! Today I am going to show you how to make your own frame. Using only your artwork that needs to be hanged and the tools pictured above.


Yard stick




I made my own artwork.


You may already have your art, either way you need to measure it. Then add two inches to each measurement and draw a level box on the wall (in pencil) using your yard stick and your level. You want the box to be bigger than your artwork.


Then add four inches to each measurement and make a bigger box around the smaller box (in pencil). Make sure you line it up so it’s two extra inches around each side of the box. You want it all to be even and level. Use your level religiously in this project.


After your box is drawn in pencil you can pick up your sharpie. This part is a little scary. You start to wonder if it’s just going to look like your house got vandalized. I had faith, and a whiskey buzz.

Use your yard stick as your straight edge and go over the whole thing in sharpie.


Then use your yard stick to line up the corners and draw lines between the two boxes.


Now all I did was measure the center location of the art work tap in a little nail.



Go and draw on your wall with a sharpie!


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