Learn To Play An Instrument!

29 Jan

I taught myself how to play the guitar when I was thirteen years old. I bought it from a pawn shop with the money I made from my first job, organizing wall paper at a discount decorators shop. I bought a book that came with a cd, and I taught myself to read music. I was barely playing house of  the rising sun when I realized that I hated the guitar. I sold it a few years later, got more than I paid for it and used the money for booze.

In my early twenties I became a guitar owner again. This time it was free, from a guy named Taco who made me promise to learn to play it then pass it on. I guess he thought it would  rekindle my inner guitarist. I sold it last year for a tidy profit and again used the money for booze.

A few years back I got a harmonica as a gift from a musician boyfriend. I got a book and started learning. I even had a few short lessons from this old man who played music in the bar where I worked. I hated it, also I have a lip ring so it didn’t really work out.

The old boyfriend played the drums, but he wanted to learn to play the guitar. I assume he got as bored with it as I did because it wasn’t long before I was hustled into the music room and sat down behind the drums. He taught me to play an easy beat and I loved it, but it wasn’t really something I could pursue at the time.

A year or so later when I settled into my new place I bought a cheap keyboard off my cable guy. (Nashville, right?). I got a book and started teaching myself to play. I was playing one Sunday in early January 2011 when I realized that I hated it. It had only been a few months, but I felt like that was long enough. I got on Craigslist and found a set of drums for $150. I called a friend to go with me (for security reasons) and drove to Dickson TN. I bought a set of no name drums from a twelve-year-old that had just gotten a new set for Christmas.

I bought a book from Amazon with a Christmas gift card and promptly broke my first set of sticks. I played on a $5 wooden chair from Goodwill for about six months before I found a $10 throne on Craigslist. A drummer friend donated some new heads and taught me some basic information about the kit.

That was two years ago. Still playing, still digging it whole heartedly.

Photo 32

I wanted to share my little story to help encourage all of you who would like to learn to play an instrument to do it! Maybe you haven’t found the right one yet, maybe you haven’t tried at all. Everyone has to be new at something to get better, and there will always be someone better, so just get going!

Make some music friends!


2 Responses to “Learn To Play An Instrument!”

  1. Mark Armstrong April 30, 2013 at 7:03 am #

    Wise and inspiring words, and it’s good to know you’re laying down the beat in Nashville. Now I know who’s drivin’ things down there… : )

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