Broken Mirror Art

28 Jan

Hi there artsy fartsy types! I wanted to use the broken mirror that I removed from the frame (to make my earring holder) yesterday.


I had a broken mirror and an old self-portrait that I hate.


Yeah, it’s bad. So I decided to break the mirror up a little more. I put a cloth over it and used my little hammer to smash it.


Then it looked like this.


I painted my ugly old self-portrait black.


I fancied it up a little then glued on the glass pieces.


I bought these little mirrored music notes for super cheap this afternoon.


I thought that these stickers and my new art work would be perfect for my drum room!


This is the drum room, also it’s where Stash-dog’s bed is. It’s pretty plain in here.


So I decorated that wall. It’s a start!


Thanks for reading! Happy smashing!

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