DIY Dress Form Using Duct Tape Part 2

27 Jan

Hi fellow seamstresses! Part 2 is about stuffing and mounting your dress form. It’s been a week since I made the form itself, and I was eager to finish it up.


I have spent about $5 on my dress form so far, and that was only on tape. I needed something to mount it on though. Raquel had a lamp in her closest that had been left by an old roommate and she offered it to me for free! (Thanks Raquel!)


I wanted to keep all pieces to use in another project so I disassemble the lamp.


Once disassembled it was a perfect black stand. Now I can start stuffing my dress form. I bought this enormous bag of stuffing for 9$ at the local Wal-mart.


I have now spent a grand total of $14 on my dress form! I love frugality!

I put the dress form on a hanger and taped up the back, being mindful to keep it as straight as possible.


Then I trimmed off the excess fabric around the arms and neck and taped them up around the edges.


I turned the dress form over and the very helpful Mr. Proctor held it steady and helped me stuff it. You should still have holes where the neck and arms are but the stuffing should be too dense to push out.


Make sure you pack it tight enough to fill, but not enough to misshape it. After it’s stuffed I turned it right side up and measured around the waist, hips and bust to ensure the measurements are correct.


You can add more or less stuffing if needed, I had to add more.


The boobs were lacking in shape so I cut the straps off of an old bra and put it inside of the dress form. Then I traced the bottom of the dress form on a piece of cardboard and cut it until it fit in the bottom of the form to hold the shape. Don’t forget to cut a little hole in the middle for your stand.


I fit the cardboard in the bottom of the dress form and duct taped it in. Mindful not to cover the hole in the middle.


You can cut the same cardboard circles and tape up the end of the arms. Then tape the hanger to the inside of the neck so it won’t move.

It’s time to mount it on the stand! I stood on my bench and slid the pole into the hole in the bottom while plunging my arm down the open neck hole and routing the pole through the middle and up the neck hole.


Mr. Proctor helped me measure myself with the dress form to make sure that we were the same height. Now I will be able to measure garments to my size exactly!


I duct taped the hanger to the stand on top, then duct taped the form to the stand on bottom to secure it. Finito!


I named her Bridgette. I’m sure I’ll wake up in the night for a drink of water and karate chop her because I’ll think she’s an intruder!

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for reading!


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