DIY Dress Form Using Duct Tape Part 1

21 Jan


Hello fellow frugal seamstresses and duct tape enthusiasts!

Yesterday my lady friends came over for a scrumptious brunch of french toast, strawberries and nitrate free bacon.


After plenty of mimosas and whiskey coffee  I put on my dress form t-shirt (Thanks Dad!) and got ready.


I had googled many images of duct tape dress forms and my expectations were not very high. The boobs especially always seemed to look a little strange. So I expressed my concerns to the girls and we got started.

I bought 2 rolls of black duct tape. They were 20 yards each and I assumed that would be enough (it was). I bought black so I could make white marks for measurement with chalk or a white crayon. I also used a L size t-shirt that I got as a hand me down from my dad. You obviously don’t want to stick the duct tape directly to your body, and you want a shirt that is going to be long enough to cover your hips and your fanny. Also I wore a bra to ensure the boob shape would be prominent in my dress form.


I worried about my neck because I didn’t want duct tape stuck to it but I did want the measurement. So I cut some material from another scrap shirt and the girls tucked it into the neck like a make-shift turtle neck.


The girls just started wrapping. Loose enough so I didn’t suffocate but tight enough to get the shape. They did cut the duct tape instead of angling it upwards for each layer on the body as not to cause unnecessary rifts in the form.

They were careful to place strips over my shoulders and back, trying to get the smoothest fit. When going over the boobs I pressed down lightly in between them to help create the shape of two boobs instead of one.


We did use about 1/4 of the second roll of tape. PhotoGrid_1358818270400

Once it was done Sammy had me lay down to cut it off easier. I had a friend suggest first aid scissors with the tip that slants away from your skin, but we didn’t have them. Sammy was very careful not to cut my skin, my bra or my pants. There aren’t any pictures of me standing in the full duct tape attire because I started to feel a little claustrophobic. We did get it finished though!



That was yesterday afternoon, then we  went to Raquel’s for a white trash dinner.


Chili dogs, tater tots, shiner bock and slaw. All while listening to Ozzy on vinyl.

Come back and visit because I am going to stuff then mount the duct tape dress form for easy use.

Total amount spent on dress form so far – $5


Special thanks to Raquel and Sammy for braving the duct tape with me.

Special thanks to Mr. Ben Proctor for photography.


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