AT&T Is Not For Me

10 Jan

Thursday finds me in between projects, have been for a few days. Slopping coats of paint onto this wooden frame with the hope of roughing it up with sandpaper, it’s a process. I have also started working on a painting featuring an Audrey Hepburn quote that I decided would be perfect for a friend to have on her wall. So I left it all to dry last night and went out with my fella for some grub.


(That’s where he got to hear my at&t story.)

Being a long time user of comcast, and constantly getting my price jacked up or having my service slower than it should be, I had actually considered many times the benefits of at&t. When I checked into it, the installation alone was too much for me to consider the switch.

I usually don’t answer the door for solicitors, but I swear this guy said comcast and I couldn’t see the emblem on his jacket very well through the peep-hole. When I opened the door though he let me know that he was with at&t. Maybe I should talk to him I thought, I know they have some wiggle room with the installation fees.

What must have been thirty minutes later I was (spoiler) extremely disappointed. This guy initially told me that he could wave the fee. By the end he basically said he could not. I told him I did not want to exceed the price I was paying now and he said I wouldn’t have to. Ten minutes later the price had jumped up $15 more a month than I pay now, ten minutes after that it was $25 more. How did that happen? He told me he could not offer me internet without a television package, I don’t own a tv. He then tried to get me to sign up for the television package anyway (because it would be cheaper) and asked me if I wanted to sign up for Showtime and Starz (because its a good deal). What?

I told Mr. AT&T that I was uninterested at the moment, but if I did decide to go with at&t in the future I would contact him (just trying to get the guy out of my yard nicely). He told me that I could just fill out this work order, go ahead and make an installation date, write down my credit card number, and if I changed my mind I could call and cancel. What?

This part is what baffled me the most, five times I asked him how much it was going to cost me out-of-pocket. After a lot of writing down simple mathematical equations on his paper and asking me what 11 minus 4 was, he never gave me a total. Ever. I finally got him to leave, but not before he told me that I looked like a “suicide girl”. I have been told that once before (is it the lipstick?) and I looked it up because I didn’t know what it meant. I think it’s basically soft core pornography, and I feel like that is a rude thing to say to someone you are trying to swindle.

Thanks at&t for helping me make my decision!

I hope you all have a lovely thursday, it’s almost weekend!


One Response to “AT&T Is Not For Me”

  1. steve January 10, 2013 at 4:02 pm #

    that was totaly to funny

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