Sunday In The Bible Belt

6 Jan

It’s Sunday dearies, in the bible belt. I accidentally underestimated my whiskey consumption and I ran out. Sunday in the bible belt means the liquor store is closed.

Photo 445

I know, right? So I have been forced to scavenge bits of booze from around my house.


Like this vodka that I had leftover from some pasta sauce or something. I hate vodka, but it’s booze I suppose. After this I tackle the wine I opened on Christmas eve and forgot to throw away, is that safe? I feel like this is a recipe for disaster.

I’m searching for something crafty to do tonight. I started to draw table legs on the wall to go underneath this what-not that I got at the goodwill, but it looked less than fantastic so I decided it could wait.


I will obviously be removing the cat and the hearts and repainting the shelf. Obviously. Even though my family thinks I am some weird spinster cat lady, I don’t even own a cat. This cat shelf would make them so happy, open up this whole new window of cat themed gifts, needle points, cross stitches and sweatshirts.

So, I still feel like creating something. I just haven’t figured out what yet.

I did rear end a woman today when turning right at a red light. Barely any damage to either of our vehicles. She got out of her car and asked me if I was okay. She told me not to worry about it, she was just going to go home. It’s the kind of thing that scares you, yet restores your faith in humanity. People are mostly good, and it’s easy to forget.

I will keep you informed on my creation quest. Have a lovely evening!

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