Fun With Crayons

5 Jan

I can’t seem to decide on a post schedule, so right now it’s a little erratic. I promise to do better! Craft-brunch with Kate went swimmingly.


We drank more whiskey than probably either of us intended to, and we hashed out some fabulous ideas. Get ready because I have vowed 27 to be my most productive year to date (

So I wanted to share my photo frame redo with you today. I got this frame for free from my parents.


They gave me a whole box of frames when they moved. This one is small and it’s a little scuffed up. I wanted to put this picture of my sisters and I into it, but it’s ugly. So I painted it.


With cheap craft paint that I got for a dollar at Kroger.


It was going to take a second coat, so I took a drum break.


Then I came back and gave it another coat. After another drum break (i’ll spare you the visual) I decided to implement my melted crayon method. I unwrap the crayon color of my choice, heat it up with the hair dryer, and spray the color on the item of my choice.


After the color is on the frame or whatever item you choose to spray it on, you can use the hair dryer to move the colors around and add colors.


The reason I like abstract is because whenever the artworks says it finished, it’s over. Anything more and it ends up looking over-worked.

This is my finished product, inspirational crayons for everyone!


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