How To Hem A Dress

2 Jan

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a fantastic start to the new year! Yours truly partied til’ she puked and then worked all day yesterday, busy as hell, just the way I like it!


Let’s talk about this dress hemming business. My friend Kate has this beautiful dark green, crushed velvet dress that she brought to me. IMAG0589 It was 22 inches too long and the zipper up the back was broken, but it had a lot of promise, especially once she put it on and I saw how cute it had the opportunity to be.

I think this was fairly easy, I measured it on her and cut it with about two inches extra for the oops factor. I turned the dress inside out and ironed the major creases out of it. This is important so the hem is straight. Also important is to use a towel and a medium setting so you don’t hurt non-iron friendly materials.

Since I don’t have one of those cutting measure boards (yet!) I just always measure on my table because it’s lined up like a grid.  I put the dress on the hanger because I don’t have a dress form (yet!!) and I line up where I want the hem to be on the table line, and then I tape the hanger down so it doesn’t move.


Yes I know that my ways are a little ragbag, and possibly confusing, but hopefully inspiring to those of you who don’t own your own tools yet either. I plan to get a cutting measure board thing and a dress form in the near future.

Back to the dress, after it’s taped down


I fold the edges to the line on the table that I measured to and then pin it. Since it is inside out you can see it all, make sure to do it all the way around with the outside of the pins facing the bottom of the dress. As long as they are all evenly lined to your measuring point, it should be straight.


Turn the dress right side out, I made a little hem around the bottom at the 10 mark on the machine, and then sewed it up!

I trimmed the little pieces around the inside so they  don’t flop out when she wears it and voila!


Here’s Kate wearing this one of a kind dress!


Have questions or comments? Let me know! I’m just a girl who likes to finagle her way through crafty things. Thanks for reading!

Check out this fantastic music I’ve been listening to while writing!


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