Wall Anchors For The Apprehensive

29 Dec

Well helllooooo. I’m aware that its Saturday night and I “should” be out livin’ it up, but instead I am in my house drinking whiskey out of a tiny glass, listen’ to Ryan Adams’ Demolition album and hanging stuff up with my new drill I got for christmas! IMAG0554I can’t think of anything else I would want to being doing, this is fantastic!

I wanted to talk to you seriously about wall anchors though. I spent many of my apartment decorating years being afraid and unaware of how to use them, but as it turns out, it’s quite simple. Especially after you have full time access to a drill. IMAG0582So we all know that a wall anchor is the little grey one that isn’t a screw, it can often be found accompanying things that you buy to hang on the wall. I used to just hang things with the screw and wait until they fell out of the wall, but no more! This is relatively simple, but you do need access to a drill and some drill bits.

IMAG0584Put your item that is to be hanged
up to the wall and mark it where it should be with a pencil, then use your drill and a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the anchor itself to make a little hole in the wall where the screw is to go. After you have your holes in place, use a hammer to lightly tap your anchors into the hole. If it’s

IMAG0556too hard then use a drill bit that is just a little larger than the last one to make a hole that it a tiny bit bigger. You want your anchor to fit snugly into the wall.

After your anchors are in, you are ready to screw your screws into them. Now your wall hangings are secure, and you know how to use a wall anchor. Voila! Your an expert!



2 Responses to “Wall Anchors For The Apprehensive”

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